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Youtube Hub Template Bundle

Need a solution for planning, creating, and organizing YouTube content? Look no further than the YouTube Hub Notion for Blogging Template.
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Never miss a pre-publication check again with built-in templates.The "new video" template includes tasks related to youtube content creation, like:Adding tagsUploading captionsSelecting the right playlistAnd more!You'll also have space to draft your video scripts and jot down ideas.See the analytics that are most important to you.Update the analytics database to see:Watch timeImpressionsEngagementAnd more!Keep tabs on all your video content expenses.You don't need me to tell you that running a youtube channel requires a significant investment. Use the finance tracker to keep tabs on all your video content expenses, like:Subscription renewalsNew equipmentFreelancer invoicesAnd more!The youtube hub also comes with a free digital library template complete with 35+ resources on managing a blog and brand. This content repository includes resources on affiliate marketing, youtube's monetization policies, how to grow your following, and more.Templates includedYoutube dashboard with a content calendar, at-a-glance stats, resources, and moreContent creation hubAnalytics databaseExpense tracking databaseGot questions or suggestions? Hit me up at hello@melleesmith.comHappy notioning (and youtubing!) Mel :)