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Zen Os

Zen operating systemimagine if you could design your life. Zenos is a comprehensive personal life planner that helps you focus and live one day at a time, gaining clarity of your vision.
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Zen operating systemImagine if you could design your life. Zenos is a comprehensive personal life planner that helps you focus and live one day at a time, gaining clarity of your vision.You are: - You hold back organizing your work/life balance. - You've tried solutions, but remain the same. - You don't have time to get more done, faster – a personal system helps you, with less effort upfront. - You are stressed and constantly playing catch-up. - You consume tons of information, searching for the perfect system, but not seeing the results in your life.All this adds up and creates unneeded anxiety. You deserve a tool that acts as a second brain, allowing for optimal flow within your life. Unlock your true potential and focus. Design the life you needZen os helps you make the most of each day by giving you a way to easily track your goals and reflect on your thoughts, designed around principles of meditation, to facilitate self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-reflection. You are called to be truthful to yourself, loyal to the truth of who you are. When you give your thoughts the time they deserve, you will find yourself better able to handle your procrastination, identify what brings peace to your life and what does not. Zen os lays out a plan, you set aside time for your path.Personal to-do + memory artifacts - capture what you need to do in the moment with to-dos. Save internal notes and external links.Mood tracker - your emotional landscape is unique, complex, and beautiful. Record the changes in your mood by turning self-reflection into creative expression.Weekly plan - organize your schedule while learning to make meditation, hydration, and self-affirmation part of your everyday life.life spaces - core self, life, creative, learning, health, zen, career, financial, family, social, relationship spaces – categorized for ongoing self-discovery and discovering more about the world around you. Use this space to separate the important moments in your life.Goals + habits - set short-term goals, focus your meditation, identify things to let go of, and give yourself encouragement for the month ahead.Daily journal - record those fleeting thoughts, emotions, and ambitions that pop into your head throughout the day. Keep track of the things matter with templates for: 1 min, 5 min, 7 min, and monthly reflection.Monthly reflection - this section gives you a chance to look back at your month and reflect on the things that you struggled with and those that made you shine. Use this to reflect on those ideas and feelings you are becoming more in touch with.Health + fitness tracker - physical well-being is just as important as mental well-being. Use the fitness tracker to help guide your health and wellness.Workout plans – beginner and intermediate workout plans.Discover your routine - find your ideal morning/evening routine with a guided worksheet + tracker. This section gives an overview of your in-progress and implemented routines.Find your core values - narrow your core values down by using our guided worksheet of 300 values, then add them to your personal fundamentals tracker.Year-end review - at the end of the year, re-examine and consider the past years' teachings. What have you learned to let go of? How has your lifestyle become more sustainable? Reflect on your journey and plan for what the next year has in store for you.Full projects crm - organize your career and/or side projects.+ Full contacts list+ 100 self-care strategies+ 70 goals for inspiration+ life key documents checklist – will, life insurance, money, personal items.+ New seasons checklist cleanse template+ weather widget+ book + reading list tracker+ expense + receipts tracker+ ∞ focused music listening playlist+ 7 habits of highly effective people+ prebuilt dashboards and templates+ prebuilt idea & writing systems+ routine, goals, habits, and fitness trackers+ and lots moreDoes this work on the free version of notion?Yes, once you've made the purchase, a link with be sent to you to duplicate this to your notion workspace. You don't need to be on notion's personal pro plan to use it.if i like certain sections and want to duplicate them into my personal workspace, can i?Yes, feel free to customize the components however for your personal workspace. Can i duplicate this database to share with my team/friends?No, this is a personal license for individual use.