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The short story of how Notionway was created

From a small obsession with a favorite tool called - Notion. Into a rapidly growing Notion community of over 50,000 people and small businesses built around it.

Hey, I'm Modest Mitkus from Notionway

My journey with Notion started more than 2 years ago. I was working on my UX design studio and tried Notion to organize my projects and tasks. And I loved it.

The simplicity and flexibility of Notion, the beautiful minimalistic design. All of it. Notion soon became one of my favorite tools to use for my business and personal needs.

I created a systems for myself and shared it with others. The feedback I received was more than encouraging. That's when I decided to continue exploring Notion possibilities. I started creating more Notion templates and then the Notionway was born.

Since then, I've helped over 50,000 people get more organized and productive with Notion. I'm a Notion certified expert and future ambassador. When designing new products, I focus on two major things - product design and usability. All the time, my main goal is to create systems that are both beautiful and easy to use.