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Roger Souza
"It's amazing how the Notionway templates help with day-to-day organization; my productivity has increased significantly."

Best selling Notion templates

I spent, on average, around 100 hours perfecting each Notion system to ensure it works seamlessly in our everyday lives. Here are a few of my best-selling Notion templates.
Notion Second Brain - Dashboard

Second Brain

4.9/5 (4594)
Build a second brain and organize your digital life with Notion Second Brain.
Notion Ultimate Finance Tracker - Dashboard

Finance Tracker

4.9/5 (2146)
Track and manage all your finances from one place with Notion Finance Tracker.
Notion Personal Bundle

Personal Bundle

4.9/5 (442)
Completely organize your life with 3 premium and 20 simple templates.
Notion templates
Having a perfect system is difficult unless you dedicate a lot of time and effort to creating one. I mastered Notion so I could share these perfect systems with you.
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Learn how to use Notion

Learn how to use Notion through a series of small, bite-sized, actionable lessons that make it easy to grasp the functionalities of Notion without a big hassle.
6 lessons - 27m total length
The Notion Fundamentals is a comprehensive course tailored to help learners like you develop essential skills for smoothly navigating and using Notion, empowering you to unlock its full potential in your personal and professional endeavors.
Notion tutorials
I know how overwhelming starting with Notion can feel. For this reason, I'm dedicating my time and effort to make your journey easier, helping you to skip this learning curve.
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About Notionway

From a small obsession with a favorite tool called - Notion. Into a rapidly growing Notion community of over 100,000 people and small businesses built around it.

Hi, I'm Modest Mitkus, the founder of Notionway.

A few years ago, I was working in my UX design studio, juggling multiple projects and tasks, feeling like I was drowning more and more every day. I was using dozens of productivity and time management tools, only to feel more distracted and unfocused. I remember how much stress and frustration I felt after using each new app, only to delete it a few days later.

When I discovered Notion, it felt like a breath of fresh air for me. Finally, there was a tool that was simple, flexible, and powerful enough to use for both my work and personal life. I could create all-in-one productivity systems I had always dreamed of but never had. So I did.

In the past few years, I have helped over 120,000 people get organized and productive with Notion. My mission is simple: to simplify lives by proving that one tool, like Notion, can truly change everything.

When I create new products, I focus on 3 key factors: the design of the template, how easy it is to use, and the system itself. I always strive to make every part of the template as efficient as possible. Notionway's systems have already won 8 awards and have been chosen as the best choice for productivity. Notion Second Brain achieved 1st place on "Product of the Day" and 5th place on "Product of the Month" at ProductHunt whole productivity category!

Every week, Notionway's newsletter is read by 100,000 people. I also have a lovely community of almost 200,000 productivity-seekers across different Notionway’s social media channels.

Let's embark on this journey together and make every day a step closer to a simpler, more organized, and fulfilling life.


There are way too many testimonials for you to read in a single day. But here are a few random ones from our amazing Notion enthusiasts and customers.
Notion Second Brain  - Devices

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Premium templates are complete systems with multiple pages inside