4 Best Notion Bullet Journal Templates to Start Journaling

September 21, 2022
by: Modest Mitkus

Regardless of what you're looking for in life: whether it be to be more productive, to find peace in your day-to-day life, or become a better version of yourself - there is a Notion bullet journal that will suit you and help!

Ready to find the perfect one? We’ve found some of our favorite Notion bullet journal templates for you to choose from. Have a look at all the options here.

If you want to learn about Bullet Journal benefits, you can read about it here.

2022 Super Notion Bullet Journal Templates

Get ready to journal with this Notion Bullet Journal Template, which has everything you'll ever need. It will help you to plan your every quarter, every month, and every day efficiently. Keep your 2022 organized!

This template has more than 450 pages, which includes:

  • Annual Goals Planner - this will help you set three goals at the beginning of the year and keep them on track when every quarterly review.  
  • Quarterly Reviews - these will guide you to reflect on the past quarter and plan forward.  
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily Log - this will give you a clear view of tasks and events every month, week and day and plan your time efficiently
  • Calendar - this can be found in the future log, monthly log, weekly log, and daily log. Add your meetings, parties, events, and the holidays to the calendar wherever you see it and manage them with tags.   
  • Habit Tracker - this is shown in both daily and monthly logs and of course, the database is linked. So you can easily track and review it in either way you prefer. 

This Notion Bullet Journal Template will help you write down your goals and plans, as well as be more productive while creating the life of your dreams!

Template available here

4 Best Notion Bullet Journal Template to Start Journaling

Notion Daily Journal

Start writing your daily journal in Notion. Keep track of what happened or what is going to happen in your day. By the end of the day, reflect on the whole day.

What's inside

  • System to start daily journaling
  • Write daily journals
  • Manage your books by genres

Template available here

Notion Bullet Journal Template

Having your own Mind Palace sounds unbelievably amazing, right? In this Notion Bullet Journal Template you will find:

  • Future Log. This Collection is used to store dated entries that will occur outside the current month. The Future Log serves as your time machine, allowing you to glimpse the outlines of the future you're actively working towards.
  • Notes Journal. You may find interesting facts, ideas, thoughts, and observations all day long and it's better to note them down as every thought is valuable.
  • Mind Palace. At the end of the day, make it a ritual to shift notes to various sections of your Mind Palace so they can be organised for future use. You can create your own sections; you will also find some already created.
  • Tasks. This is the section where you will be spending most of your time. Your own Bullet Journal themed Daily Task Manager.
  • Events. Last but not least we have the event section in a timeline view. Events are date-related entries that can either be scheduled or logged after they occur similar to bullet journal.

Template available here

4 Best Notion Bullet Journal Template to Start Journaling

Digital Bullet Journal Notion Template

This is an aesthetic all-in-one template is created to organize your life more easily; designed to help you be more productive. It's for people who want an efficient but beautiful planner to organize ???? In this Notion Bullet Journal Template main page you'll find:

  • 3 sections: Desk, Planner & Habit tracker
  • Minimalistic, cool & aesthetic
  • Designed to increase productivity

It also have 3 more pages: Journal page, Notepad page and "Big Goals Into Small Actions" goal planner page.

Template available here

4 Best Notion Bullet Journal Template to Start Journaling

Which Notion template are you using? Are there specific Notion templates that you recommend for folks in certain industries? Let us know!

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