6 Best Notion Templates for Freelancers

September 21, 2022
by: Modest Mitkus

When working as a freelancer, it is difficult not to lose your head, because you have to look for clients, do the job, and manage finances. Luckily, Notion Templates for Freelancers is here to help. We curated a list of 6 of the best templates for freelancers.

Notion Freelancer Pack - Notion Templates for Freelancers

The Notion Freelancer Pack is a template pack, a system that has everything you need to successfully start, run and manage your entire freelance business from one place.

It’s made for all niches of freelancers, who want to manage their entire freelance business from one place. When you are working on yourself, time and productivity is really important. For you to feel good and use the time in the right direction, you must have a system that helps you move forward not backward. With this pack, you can manage your entire freelance business from one place and feel in control of having the right system.

  • More than 40+ ready-to-use templates for your freelance business
  • 4 different workspaces for different objectives. To keep you more organized and focused
  • Everything you need to start, run and manage your entire freelance business from one place
  • Customizable, scalable, out-the-box workspaces for every type of freelancer

Template available here

All-in-one Freelancer CRM Notion Template

Another Notion Template that says to have everything you need to manage your business as a freelancer! With these Notion Templates for Freelancers, you could have a structured prospection process, manage projects with your clients, send personalized sales proposals, and more!

This template includes:

  • Freelancer Workspace
  • 7+ databases (structured as robust CRMs, like Salesforce)
  • Sales proposal template to share with clients
  • The second brain to take notes
  • Template documentation

Template available here

Notion Portfolio Template

These are Notion templates for Freelancers created to bootstrap your portfolio. Suitable for freelancers, indie makers, students, and entrepreneurs.

Inside you'll find:

  • About me: Introduction of what you do
  • Social networks: Redirects to social networks
  • Your projects: Show your different projects
  • Resume & education: Share your professional experiences
  • Podcast: Share your best podcast episode
  • Your best content: Share your best content
  • Newsletter: Add your newsletter subscription form
  • Embed form: Embed any online content
  • Bonus: a list of tools to use with Notion

Template available here

Master Swipe File - Notion template for Freelancers

If you're a creator of some kind, you know how important inspiration is. It's the primary ingredient in your masterpiece's recipe.

Unfortunately, inspiration has a tendency to be missing when you need it the most. And luckily, some things can get you inspired.

The color in a painting. A clever hook in an email. The format of a sales page.

They create sparks of ideas that string and mix together to create… good stuff.

A Swipe File is a collection of sparks. And this Notion template is going to make creating your own swipe file easy.

Template available here

The $10K+ Website Roadmap - Notion Templates for Freelancers

Have you ever wondered why some freelancers get so many good clients while presenting less quality work than yours? Even more frustrating, how can they get them while asking for more money than you? We're talking about 3, 4, or maybe 5x more!!

The statement above is the answer you'd been looking for.

In simple words: they don't present themselves as the best option, they present themselves as the least risky option. How do they do it? By showing expertise, authority, and more important, by making the right questions.

If you want to stand out, make more money and be more profitable, you must become a strategic web designer. And the $10K+ Website Roadmap is your starting point. 

Template available here

Freelancer Client Onboarding Portal

Are you a creative freelancer and want to:

  • Save time?
  • Win more clients as a freelancer with a unique service offering?
  • Track feedback/versions more easily?

Then these Notion Templates for Freelancers are for you! Get access to a project dashboard to store/manage all your projects, flag anything that needs to be discussed pre-kickoff in the Risk Assessment area, have clean file management in the Resources database, and more.

Template available here

Which Notion template are you using? Are there specific Notion templates that you recommend for other freelancers? Let us know!

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