The Best Notion Meal Planner Templates for 2023

Modest Mitkus
September 26, 2023

Grocery shopping – it's a task we all do, yet it can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep track of what you need, stick to a budget, and ensure you never forget a crucial item. That's where the power of technology and organization comes into play, specifically with Notion meal planner templates.

Simplify your meal planning, ingredient shopping, and purchase - whether you prefer a minimalistic look, an aesthetic design, or something more advanced, we've got you covered.

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Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

Simple and cheap recipe template for Notion meal planning. With this template, you'll effortlessly organize your recipes, streamline meal planning, easily track your pantry items and generate organized shopping lists tailored to your meal plan.

With this template, you also get a food and symptom diary for free, which will allow you to track your meals and monitor how different foods affect your body.

Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template Features

  • Notion meal planner
  • Cute dashboard with calendar and quote
  • Food and symptom diary
  • Recipe book
Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

Notion Meal Planner

Minimal, yet powerful Notion meal planner that simplifies meal planning process for you. With this template you can organize and save recipes, automatically create grocery lists, and easily find meals to make with existing ingredients.

Notion Meal Planner Features

  • A weekly mealplan overview
  • A recipes database that informs ingredients for your shopping list and your meals
  • A grocery shopping list
  • An ingredients database linked to your recipes and meals
  • A ready to cook database
Meal Planner - Notion Template

Notion Meal Planner with Automatic Shopping List

Minimal Notion recipes and meal planner that generates your groceries list automatically. With this Notion template, you will save precious time, organize yourself efficiently, and track your nutritional information.

Notion Meal Planner with Automatic Shopping List Features

  • Shopping List generated automatically
  • Recipes Book filtered with 10 differents views
  • Daily macronutrient tracker
  • Meal planner filtered per people

Template available here

Notion Meal Planner with Automatic Shopping List

Notion Recipe Template

Simple, yet aestheticly pleasing Notion meal planner that gives you a place to store recipes and plan weekly meals. With this template, it's easier to eat healthily, save time, and cut down on eating out.Y ou can try standart version for free or go straight to premium version that is great for the ultimate meal planning, eating, cooking, and journalling experience.

Notion Recipe Template Features

  • Weekly Notion Meal Planning Space
  • Recipe Manager
  • Inventory List
  • Daily Food Journal
  • Price Tracker
  • Foodie Bucket List
  • Allergy & Intolerance List
  • and more

Template available here

Recipe & Meal Planner Notion Template

Notion Diet Planner

Simple Notion diet planner that makes calorie counting more easy for you whether you aim to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your overall health. Track what you eat, follow your diet and reach goals.

Notion Diet Planner Key Features

  • Personalized diet planning tailored to your individual goals
  • Notion meal planning for macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, fat, and protein)
  • Easy tracking of daily calorie intake through meal planning and food logging

Template available here

Notion Diet Planner

Ultimate Notion Meal Planner

Ultimate Notion meal planner template that is not only powerful in features but also made in anime aesthetic. Organize your meals every week, take advantage of a powerful recipe manager get automatic shopping list updates. This template is made to save you time.

Ultimate Notion Meal Planner Features

  • Notion Meal Planner
  • Notion Recipe Template
  • Ingredients database
  • Recipe card
  • Total Price
  • Calories
  • And more

Template available here

Ultimate Meal Planner Notion Template

Notion Meal Planning Recipe Tracker & Grocery Shopping List

A Notion template for effortless meal planning, recipe tracking and grocery shopping. With this template, you can easily add your favourite recipes, plan your meals for the week, and generate a grocery shopping list with just a few clicks. A perfect choice for anyone who wants to eat well, save money, and reduce stress in the kitchen.

Notion Meal Planning Features

  • Customisable meal planner database
  • Recipe tracker with images, ingredients and instructions
  • Automatically create grocery shopping list with categories
  • Meal planning for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Nutritional information for each recipe
  • Automatically calculate calories

Template available here

Notion Meal Planner (with Recipe Tracker & Grocery Shopping List)

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