The 9 Best Notion Project Management Templates (2024)

Modest Mitkus
December 1, 2023

Are you ready to supercharge your productivity and take organization to the next level? Look no further than "Notion" - a versatile all-in-one workspace that can transform the way you manage projects.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, Notion offers a wide range of pre-built project management templates specifically designed to suit various needs. We have curated a list of 9 best Notion Project Management templates suitable for personal, business, or freelancer needs.

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Notion Project Management Second Brain

Experience the system that keeps everything in perfect harmony. The Second Brain Notion template is a system designed to extend your or your team memory and thinking. Its purpose is to help you organize information and projects more efficiently.

  • Captures and organizes your tasks, notes, projects, resources, and goals in one place.
  • Has Notion Project Management template
  • Provides the most powerful way to organize your projects and tasks in Notion.
  • Follows the P.A.R.A. method, ensuring perfect organization and splendid management.

Template available here

Notion Project Management Second Brain

Notion Project Mananagement for Freelancers

The Notion Freelancer Pack is a template pack.It's a system that has everything you need to successfully start, run, and manage your entire freelance business from one place.With the Notion project management template inside, it's a perfect choice for every freelancer who wants to become more organized and streamline their work processes.

  • Start, run, and manage your freelance business from one place
  • Includes Notion project management template
  • Perfect for freelancers looking to become more organized

Template available here

Notion Project Mananagement for Freelancers

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Free Notion Project Management Template

Struggling to keep your projects on track? Wondering how you can streamline your project management process for better efficiency? Try this free Notion project management template! This template is your key to unlocking efficient project execution. With a structured system in place, you can streamline your project workflow, stay on top of tasks, and meet deadlines with confidence.

Template available here

Notion project Management template

All-in-one Freelancer CRM. Notion Project Management Template

Inside this Notion Project Management Template - everything you need to manage your business as a freelancer!

With this amazing Notion Template, you could have a structured prospection process, manage projects with your clients, send personalized sales proposals, and more!

This template includes:

  • Freelancer Workspace
  • 7+ databases (structured as robust CRMs, like Salesforce)
  • Sales proposal template to share with clients
  • The second brain to take notes
  • Template documentation

Template available here

Notion Project Management - Tracker

Manage all your projects and tasks in the most organized and efficient way possible. Use the Notion Project Tracker Template to stay focused and implement a robust structure for your business or personal projects. 

  • Track all your projects
  • Manage all your current and future Projects and Tasks in one place
  • Easy to manage
  • Get things done on time with Deadlines
  • View everything with a calendar
  • Overdue, Today and This Week Tasks views
  • 100% Customizable
  • Minimal Design
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to set up and manage
  • Bonus: Progress bar to get you Moving Forward
  • Bonus: templates for Video Production and Design Projects e.t.c

What's Included: Projects Management, Tasks Management, Project Calendar

Template available here

Notion Project Management Dashboard

Organize all your projects (both personal and work) in this complete project management notion dashboard. Starting a new project is as easy as one click! The project planner template provided helps guide and structure your planning and execution process to set you up for success! A comprehensive instruction manual and walkthrough video is provided so even Notion beginners can follow along!

What's included in this Notion Project Management template:

  • Weekly planner
  • Projects database
  • Project planner template (with description, scope, timeline, key milestones, team, stakeholders, goals and OKRs, deliverables, meetings, and documentation sections)
  • Duplicatable minutes of the meeting template

Template available here

Lean Startup OS - Notion Project Management for Startups

The only Notion template you need to start a business and make money! An agile project management solution to make your ideas a reality! Packed with all the features you need to plan, organize, and deliver projects on time. 

With Lean Startup OS you can:

  • Validate your startup ideas before building your product.
  • Bring a user-centric approach to your business and build products people will love.
  • Deliver your product on time with smart timeboxing.
  • Plan your marketing.
  • Follow the launch checklist to launch your product.
  • Track your revenue and cost.

You can do even more! More details are for you to discover in this Notion Project Management Template!

Template available here

Notion Project Management Template for Teams

This is your all-in-one Notion Project Management template for your team. Based on an agile workflow, this template includes everything you'd expect from Jira-like setup.

  • Tickets. The master tickets database is at the heart of this template. Each ticket comes with 25 properties including assignee, client, progress overview, priority, and more.
  • Backlog. Create tickets in the backlog before assigning them and adding them to your sprint. Each week you can groom the backlog to decide what you and your team would like to focus on.
  • Sprints. Sprints are week-long (or more) periods of work. Because each ticket has a number of points/hours assigned to it, you can plan your upcoming weeks and be sure you won't be overworked.
  • Epics. Epics are for those big projects. Each ticket can be added to an epic and you'll be able to see how far along completing the project you are.
  • Knowledgebase. Knowledge is power and this template gives you lots of power ⚡ Never worry about great ideas and work being lost when every ticket can be linked to a knowledgebase item. Tickets can also be marked to be documented later using a simple tag.
  • Client Tickets. This is a new page that lets clients raise tickets by filling out a form. The information from that form gets added directly to your master tickets database.

Template available here

Simple Notion Project Management System

This Simple Notion Project Management System is based on the classic project management structure - the work is grouped together in stages, which are broken down into steps to complete.

What you can expect:

  • Gantt style Timeline views make it easy to keep track of progress and manage deadlines.
  • Record dependencies and see an alert in the Steps timeline view if a Step is blocked.
  • The My Activity page gives team members a filtered view of everything that they're assigned to so that they can focus on their work.

Template available here

B&W Dashboard - Keep Track of Your Projects and To-do's

Having a personal dashboard might be a game-changer for you.

  • Finish projects that were on hold for months.
  • Read all those books you wanted to read for years.
  • Calm down and concentrate on what was important.
  • Don't use multiple apps anymore or don't be scared to forget something important

In this dashboard, you'll find a Notion project management system, where each of your projects gets its own mini dashboard (complete with milestones you want to reach, a curated library of resources, and plenty of space for your own notes). As well, as:

  • A simple to-do list so you never forget to do anything
  • Automated daily tasks (perfect for habit building)
  • A reading list to keep all your notes in the same place (you can even save entire articles directly into your reading list)

Template available here

How to Use Notion for Project Management

Notion offers a versatile and powerful platform for managing projects. Here are some tips on how to make the most of Notion for project management:

1. Create a dedicated workspace

Start by setting up a dedicated workspace specifically tailored for your project management needs. This will serve as the central hub where you can organize all relevant information, tasks, and documents.

Notion project management
This is how the main dashboard on Notion Second Brain looks like - quick overview of projects, tasks, goals, notes and more.

2. Utilize databases and templates

Notion's flexible database feature allows you to create custom tables, Kanban boards, or calendars to track different aspects of your project. Take advantage of pre-designed templates or customize them according to your specific requirements.

3. Break down tasks with pages and sub-pages

Use pages within Notion to break down complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks. You can easily add sub-pages under each task for detailed notes, checklists, deadlines, or attachments.

4. Collaborate seamlessly

Invite team members or stakeholders to collaborate on the project by sharing access to specific pages within Notion. You can assign tasks, leave comments, tag individuals using @mentions, and keep everyone updated in real-time.

Notion project management collaborate
This is how collaboration on projects or tasks looks like on Notion Second Brain

5. Visualize progress with views

Switch between different views like list view, board view (Kanban-style), calendar view based on your preference and need for better visualization of your project's.

What are your thoughts on the Notion Project Management templates? Do you know of any additional templates that you would like to recommend to others? Share them with us!

Frequently asked questions

Is Notion good for project management?

Yes, Notion is a great tool for project management. Its flexibility allows you to customize the workspace to fit your specific needs, and its collaborative features make it easy to work with others on a project. Plus, its database-like structure makes it easy to organize and track project tasks, deadlines, and progress.

Can you do project management in Notion?

Absolutely! Notion is great for project management. It lets you organize tasks, set deadlines, collaborate with your team, and track progress—all in one place. There're plenty of pre-made templates available, so it's aslo really easy to start.

Our top pick for teams who want to increase their productivity and project management- Notion Ultimate Productivity System.

Is Notion the best for project management?

Notion is a total gem when it comes to boosting teamwork, managing tasks, handling docs, and tracking projects. It's seriously awesome for both solo heroes and groups. But, just so you know, super massive enterprises with mega-complex projects might want to explore other options.