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5 Year Memory Notebook For Notion

The 5-Year Memory Notebook is a Life Book that lets you enjoy a five-year span of your life.
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From the not-so-special things that happen in your day-to-day life to the important things, you mustn't forget, small happenings that tend to slip your mind unless you write it down... Use this notebook to write in anything you like.When you write in an entry the next year, you'll be reading your own words from a year back at the same time. You'll have a unique experience as if you're talking to yourself over time.Your 5/life will be engraved into this notebook. Create your own life book that can only be made by you.No years specified, so you can start journaling anytime1 ruled page per day, with 5-line entries for 5 yearsPages for 366 days, including february 29