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A Podcast Manager For Notion

Welcome to my fully comprehensive Podcast Manager for Notion! I've built this template bundle to keep a track of all my podcasts and ensure that I capture as much value as possible from my listening.
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This template has tons of features, including; - An easy "capture" system for adding new podcasts to your library, including show descriptions, categorisations and links to the podcast episode. - A comprehensive management suite for accessing and managing your podcasts. You can filter by category, explore other episodes in the series or even just write down your favourite quotes from the episode. - A "listening now" board so you can quickly and easily access the podcast's your currently listening to. No more beginning a podcast and finishing to forget it. - A list of my favourite podcast inspiration links to discover new, unfound podcasts.I think you'll find this template really beneficial for your reading and a pleasure to use.By downloading this dashboard, i will sign you up for notion weekly: a free email newsletter that sends you best in class templates built in the community.