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Graphic Design Resource Library

A curated collection of 150+ graphic design resources
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As a former graphic designer myself, i noticed that consuming the right design resources could supercharge your design career. However, searching for the best resources on the web takes a lot of time.That's why i created this 📖 resource library, so that graphic designers like you can save time and focus on what matters — honing your craft.With this resource library, you'll:✅ Get lifetime access to a curated collection of 150+ graphic design resources.✅ Receive a treasure trove of books, design portfolios, handy tools & archives, type foundries, shops, design studios, and so much more!Some topics this library covers:✅ How to respond to clients when your price is too high for them✅ How to start a graphic design career (without starving)✅ How to build creative confidence✅ How to critique your own designs✅ How to use layout, typography, and color to craft effective designs✅ How to create brand identities✅ ...And much, much more!I hope this resource library helps in your design career one way or another.