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Journey To Journaling

This template includes: 1-sentence about your day; work log: what you did: work or school-related; mood log; thoughts.
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This template includes:➤ 1-sentence about your day➤ Work log: what you : work or school-related➤ Mood log: your work and life mood (using tags) and a mood log where you can write a sentence about how you ➤ : Here you are encouraged to write anything that is in your mind like ideas, thoughts or even more information about how you feel or what you did.★ Review sectionThis will show you at a glance all that you've written and tracked over time. It's divided into daily and weekly and it comprises many different views to show you exactly what you're looking for. For example, you can view only all your 1-sentences or all your work-related entries, etc.---This template was inspired by my own journaling system in notion. I used to struggle to make time to journal so i made it fun.There's no clicking back and forth, all is in one page, you don't even need to open anything. I divided it into smaller chunks, which makes if feel less like a task and more like a game. It doesn't take long to fill everything at the end of the day and you can always open the page and journal a lot more if you feel like it, but at least the main things about your day will be captured. ❓ if you still don’t know if this template is for you, you can watch a walk through video here: https://youtu.be/8tlx5xjesqc