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Notion Startup Os

Plan, launch, and manage your startup all in one place!Notion startup os is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and manage your startup using notion.
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Plan, launch, and manage your startup all in one place!Notion startup os is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and manage your startup using Every template you'll ever need+60 ready to use and easy to customize templates including Company dashboardCustomizable dashboard to help you stay focused on everything Business model canvaseasily customizable, ready-to-use business model canvas Value proposition canvasAll new drag & drop value proposition canvas experience Company okrsKeep your startup on track and moving in the right direction Business portfolio mapClear visualization of your startup and growth initiatives Team alignment mapHelp your entire team stay aligned while being remote Pitch deck creatorCreate and share your pitch deck presentation in real-time Roi calculatorSave money and spend more on what’s turning profits+50 other templatesIncluding ✔️ Projects dashboard ✔️ tasks dashboard ✔️ company okrs ✔️ product launch plan ✔️ ph launch checklist ✔️ crm ✔️ investors crm ✔️ investment memo ✔️ subscription tracker ✔️ team salary and more.Notion startup os is a process. Not pages & templates!Built based on validated and constantly improving process to be your recipe for success.A closer look at what's inside based on validated, and constantly improving process focus on your most lucrative tasks and activates first well structured workspace and organized databases 100s of views for ultra-responsive linked databases +1250 consistent icons in 9 different colors included +200 tools & resources included. Updated weekly subscription tracker & bonus templates included pay once, get free updates. Forever!Notion startup os in numbershere’re a few numbers to help you do the math page | +102 database | +200 tools & resources | +41 formula | +160 happy customerjoin +2900 founders who manage their startups like superheroes.i’m tired of the plethora of templates that are sometimes excellent but not practical and can only be used locally. But everything is different in notion startup os.in it, the data is consistent and everything is ready to launch my startup right out of the box. This is a framework that should be sufficient for the mvp.- vitaly klimenko, advisor, co-founder & cpo @ eppos, ex. product/tribe lead @ bts digitalas an advisor and a founder who have passed several acceleration programs, i got a lot of value of converting ready-to-use frameworks and tools into notion format (because spend 3-4 hours a day in notion as my main workspace for 2 businesses and life as well)that’s really valuable for me - at least it much faster than i would build it from scratch.- evgeny scherbak, co-founder & coo @ caesar.team & 4xxibeen using the lean canvas for a few months now and am absolutely loving it. As a startup founder trying to validate the next steps of growing my business, it's hard to put a price tag of having the clarity to make good decisions. The fact that this template was created within notion so i can integrate it within our other systems is priceless. Well done, ali. Thanks for the value!- jacob johnson, ceo & co-founder @ glitch energyusing the business model canvas was amazing and helped us get everyone involved in refining our first pitch deck and embedding our company culture and values to ensure everyone was on the same page from day one - all while remote working!!- jos henson grič, ceo & founder @ flex moneywe do everything in notion, having the business model and lean canvas also there was essential at the start of our journey. Can't wait to start working with the startup os- harry mylonadis, co-founder @ bindbopsfor faqs, features, and more information please visit notion startup