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Podcast Operating System

Podcast operating systema comprehensive notion dashboard that helps podcasters pitch, produce, publish, promote & monetize their podcasts.
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Podcast operating systemA comprehensive notion dashboard that helps podcasters pitch, produce, publish, promote & monetize their podcasts.Why did we create this?Podcasting is hot right now. And while there are plenty of guides on the fanciest mic or the best software, we kept getting questions about how to actually run a show as an independent. How do i juggle new ideas, the episode i recorded yesterday, and the episode thatā€™s supposed to go out tomorrow? Itā€™s hard! We (josh & janel - more about us below) have collaborated on a system that will help you run your show from all angles. Our goal is to help beginners run their show in a calm and collected fashion, so the focus is on your creativity and expression.You'll benefit from this if:ā€¢ You're an independent podcasterā€¢ You're planning to start a podcast & want to know how to get it launchedā€¢ You already have a podcast and want to improve its quality, and get more organizedā€¢ You want to grow your podcast audienceā€¢ You want to monetize your podcastwhat's inside: ā€¢ Useful apps & tools to start and grow your podcastā€¢ Guidance on how to start: hardware & software recommendations for different budgetsā€¢ Tips on how to identify and recruit podcast guestsā€¢ Guide to pre-interview preparationā€¢ Advice on podcast editing, transcription and show notesā€¢ Pointers on how to atomize your podcast contentā€¢ Growth and distribution tipsā€¢ Monetization tipsā€¢ Email templates for sponsorships and affiliate partnershipsā€¢ Podcast pitch deck templateā€¢ The podcast operating system does not magically help you to start and grow your podcast overnight. You need to put in effort.ā€¢ It does not show you how to build a landing page for your podcast but points you to simple tools that you can use to do so.ā€¢ This os does not cover youtube editing tips, or automating processes for your podcast.ā€¢ This is not an enterprise-level operating system for podcasts. If there is enough demand, we'll build another version for companies.