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Project X

Project X is a Vision Board, Goal Setter, Habit Tracker, and Journal - all rolled into one.
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It will help you align your actions today with your goals for the decade ahead.Think back to 2011. You were a different person then. So much has happened since. A lot has gone right, and even more has gone wrong.Ups and downs have been the norm.It's easy to examine a difficult past and assume that the future will be different.I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.Shit will happen. Things won't go according to plan. Most likely, the next 10 years will be as rough as the last.If you don't pay attention, it'll be 10 more years of the status quo.That's why i built project x.In the 87,648 hours that you will live through in the next decade, project x will remind you of your north star.It will encourage you to think independently and uncover the real reasons behind your goals. In the darkest of times, it'll remind you where you need to go.When the inevitable struggles overwhelm your mind, it will help you zoom out, and keep going.It will also provide a space for structured reflection, so you know when to correct course.Above all, it'll force you to think long term, by connecting your daily activities with your goals for the decade ahead.Project x is a vision board, goal setter, habit tracker, and journal - all rolled into one.